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Why Healing Roots?

Healing Roots and the Lotus Flower

I believe that with the right support, guidance, and shift in perspective, we all have the strength and ability to heal and overcome life’s challenges, even if we are feeling lost and in the dark. The name Healing Roots and the lotus flower embody that foundational concept. With its roots deep in muddy waters, the lotus stem reaches upward to find the top of the water where it blooms. With blossoms awakening one by one, the lotus flower represents a person’s spirit over worldly matters because at the break of each day, it blooms into the light. Petal by petal, each one emerges unsullied from the mucky waters it grows in thanks to its protective outer coating that repels dirt and water. The lotus flower symbolizes strength, transcendence, and rebirth. At Healing Roots Counselling, I aim to remind my clients of their strengths, just like the long, strong roots of a lotus. I empower clients to find peace with the past, joy in the present, and hope for the future, just as the lotus flower rises and blooms from the murky waters each day.

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